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HDRHalf-Duplex Relay
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During the session, we placed the patient under sedation and performed the procedure, which involved the use certain applicator device to deliver the high dose rate radiation Iridium seed to eliminate the cancer mass in the cervix area.
Treatment of non-small cell lung cancer with external beam radiotherapy and high dose rate brachytherapy.
A judge was told how the container was "found to be emitting a narrow collimated beam of radiation, of a very high dose rate, vertically down from that package base".
Because high dose rate sources can mask lower dose rate sources, it may be necessary to remove high dose rate sources from the immediate area so that lower dose rate sources may be located.
Ten chapters are devoted to the fundamentals of the science, with topics that include high dose rate sources and delivery systems; continuous low dose rate and pulsed dose rate remote afterloader units; and notes on codes, directives, and other regulations.
The [gamma]-radiation has a very high penetration, but exhibits a high dose rate when compared to electron beam radiation (table 3).
High dose rate brachytherapy allows the treatment of a number of cancers from the inside out, including lung, esophageal and gynecologic tumors.
However, at higher temperatures where the polymer main chains are quite mobile or under high dose rate conditions, a high initiation rate causes the active species concentration to be quite high and the termination reactions to be very important.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: Technological update of the microselectron v2 hdr equipment supplied to the institute~s radiotherapy uoc which uses a high activity 192ir source (about 430 gbq initial) for the realization of high dose rate radiotherapy treatments by means of "endocavitary brachytherapy".
According to Elekta, its Esteya electronic brachytherapy system is a form of high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy that applies high-precision radiotherapy directly to the cancer site, minimising radiation to surrounding healthy tissues.
Morphologic alterations in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma after preoperative high dose rate intraluminal brachytherapy.