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HEVHybrid Electric Vehicle
HEVHepatitis E Virus
HEVHigh Endothelial Venules
HEVHendra Virus
HEVHigh Ecological Value
HEVHazardous Environment (Half-Life game)
HEVHemagglutinating Encephalomyelitis Virus
HEVHuman Entry Vehicle (gaming drop pod in, Halo)
HEVHemorrhagic Enteritis Virus
HEVHealth & Environment
HEVHemorrhagic Endovasculitis
HEVHelyi Érdekû Vasút (suburban railway, Budapest, Hungary)
HEVHazardous Environment Vehicle (gaming)
HEVHigh-End Visualization
HEVHigh Entertainment Value
HEVHolding Excercise Volume (urology)
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The horses-to-follow section is a bit out of date, but you can't have everything, and the site, while perhaps so ambitious in its scope as to seem sprawling, has a genuine flavour of Cattermole's engaging personality and high entertainment value.
But that is the nature of the hosts' style, high stakes, high risk, high entertainment value. Whichmeans we keep our fingers crossed there is another Last Ever Match at Sharmans Cross Road.
Who told kids that the best teaching must have high entertainment value?
Two examples of phenomena with high entertainment value are 'book raps' (Unsworth et al., 2005, Chapter 3) and visiting palaces (Unsworth et al.
While this has a high entertainment value, the issue of scrap metal and abandoned cars is a big problem in the UK.
Glentoran fans will dismiss Shiels' take on the score line - but few would debate his view on the high entertainment value.
The important thing for this study is that 'the Vice' was a stage convention, used for all sorts of practical staging necessities in a period when acting companies were small and players had to make the most of a key player whose professional skills had high entertainment value. He was usually so busy that it was impossible to double his part.
THERE won't be too many complaints if Coventry continue to serve up such high entertainment value - although it might be advisable to include a health warning on the match ticket.
"Our product has been developed to have a strong identity and high entertainment value. Through Butcher & Cook's, Excel is making a bold attempt to set the stage for these kinds of high-quality, convenient products by giving shoppers something to latch on to."
"There's high entertainment value in the look," Bloomberg said.
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