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The object of the competition is the realization of a housing building in Versoix with high environmental quality which includes housing for families and young people, as well as housing for the elderly
These tools are designed to enable investors to easily identify projects of high environmental quality, make more informed investment decisions, and avoid being 'green-washed'.
ANDI General Manager said ''this investment aims at the metropolisation of the capital with a high environmental quality and sustainable development.
"As a result when businesses fail to respond to planning officers' requests to remove advertisements which have been found to have been displayed unlawfully, we will not hesitate to use all measures, including the initiating of prosecution proceedings, to preserve the high environmental quality of the county."
Richard Deans in MGM s London-based UK sales office says the development Le Centaure at Flaine in the Haute-Savoie region will embrace the principles of HQE (Haute Qualite Environmental), the international construction industry s high environmental quality standard which aims to integrate the principles of sustainable development defined at the 1992 Earth Summit.
A proposed Eco Village will initially include 12 new homes all built to a very high environmental quality standard.
The aim is to support, throughout French territory, the financing of projects for the construction and renovation of public buildings (schools, child care centres, administrative buildings, sport and recreation centres and community centres) that surpass energy and environmental standards currently in force (high environmental quality, high energy performance, very high energy performance and low-consumption building).
``The development of the port and its maritime industries, its dramatic landscape, high environmental quality and sense of place, will benefit people not just living and working on the riverfront, but across the whole region.''
Although implementing high environmental quality principles initially cost about 15% more than conventional construction methods, the school's operating costs could be reduced by as much as 30% due to lower energy and water bills.
The purpose of this consultation is to supply electricity that meets high environmental quality standards for communal buildings in the city of la rochelle, ie 153 delivery points.
- technical, professional and financial capacities allowing the realization of buildings and facilities of high environmental quality, in particular in terms of energy-efficient construction and the
The "jules ferry college relocation in anzin" operation is part of a high environmental quality initiative aimed at certifying "nf - hqe - tertiary buildings" approach based on the hqe bureau / teaching guidelines of september 2011.
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