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That election demonstrated the dangers of voting systems that have a high error rate and allow room for the interpretation of voters' will.
These days, when the crossing of trend lines between military technologies and terrorism poses such a major threat to our security, we can not afford a high error rate.
The complexity of EITC computations has also probably contributed to the high error rate associated with the programme.
Die-hard supporters of capital punishment perversely insist that evidence of a high error rate is proof that the system works, because it shows that mistakes are uncovered.
For all major error types, both a high error rate of 1% and a low error rate of 0.
1] Given this high error rate, I disagree with the conclusion that physician's are "generally accurate" in their coding.
What's truly amazing about this is that, quite aside from the high error rate, the telephone verification system has a colossal loophole that makes it utterly useless: It depends on a job applicant confessing that he's a resident alien.
Prime Time Live's undercover investigation of cervical cancer screening labs reveals how poor training of technicians, outdated equipment, and a salary system that rewards speed above accuracy contribute to the high error rate that cost Lewis and many others their lives.
Similarly, the high error rate columns are virtually unchanged.
But the findings of the report, which have only just been made public, show a high error rate in crime recording which is described as a 'matter of serious concern'.
GAAP Taxonomy (UGT) was underdeveloped, and filers were inexperienced in the tagging process, which caused the high error rate and the use of unnecessary extensions.
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