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HMWHHigh Molecular Weight Hydrocarbon (petroleum)
HMWHHe-Man Woman Haters
HMWHHard Men Working Hard (band)
HMWHHigh-Molecular-Weight Heparin
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In this aspect, hydrogen showed the potential to remove these impurities through HDS, HDO, HDM, HDN, HDAs, in addition to hydrocracking to accelerate the breakdown of high molecular weight hydrocarbon to lighter products.
The objective of this process is to breakdown high molecular weight hydrocarbons in the heavy oil into lighter and more valuable crude oil (Sanchez, et al.
Consequently, the high molecular weight hydrocarbons (i.
This is because catalytic cracking of high molecular weight hydrocarbons into lower boiling light hydrocarbons in presence of hydrogen (i.
Sasobit[R] is a high molecular weight hydrocarbon, produced from coal gasification using the Fischer-Tropsch process ('FT-Wax' for short).
The special sampling apparatus was heated to 200[degrees]C, and thus, the condensation of high molecular weight hydrocarbons was prevented.
This denotes that the products of fast pyrolysis of samples at all pyrolysis temperatures mainly consist of polyaromatic and/or high molecular weight hydrocarbons.
Also, the retention time at temperature programmed pyrolysis was longer compared to fast pyrolysis; high molecular weight hydrocarbons produced by the decomposition of kerogen could decompose further to lower molecular weight hydrocarbons.
High molecular weight hydrocarbons in Gulf of Mexico continental slope sediments.
It will be obvious from the foregoing that there are no clear boundaries between these three recognized classes of petroleum wax, and that a continuous spectrum exists, ranging from the lowest melting point simplest paraffin wax of almost 100% alkane content to the somewhat higher melting point and vastly more complex microcrystalline wax containing almost 100% branched chain iso alkane or `non normal' high molecular weight hydrocarbons.
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