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HMGHigh Mobility Group (protein)
HMGHigh-Mobility Group
HMGHeavy Machine Gun
HMGHuman Menopausal Gonadotrophin
HMGHorizontal Merger Guidelines (acquisitions)
HMGHeschong Mahone Group, Inc. (California)
HMGHeritage Medical Group (Pennsylvania)
HMGHabitat Management Guidelines (conservation)
HMGHome Mortgage Group (Canada)
HMGHazard Mitigation Grant (US FEMA)
HMGHydroxy Methyl Glutaryl
HMGHospitalist Management Group (various companies)
HMGHemagen Diagnostics, Inc. (former stock symbol; now HMGN)
HMGHannover Marketing Gesellschaft (German: Hannover Marketing Company; Hannover, Germany)
HMGHope Medical Group (Georgia)
HMGHome Media Gallery (Pioneer Kuro plasma TV)
HMGHelp Me God
HMGHomelessness Monitoring Group (UK)
HMGHigh Moral Ground
HMGHill Mechanical Group (Illinois)
HMGHospitality Management Group (Charleston, SC)
HMGHalter Marine Group, Inc.
HMGHoly Mother of God (Internet slang)
HMGHer/His Majesty's Government (British Government)
HMGHerring Media Group, Inc.
HMGHappy Mardi Gras
HMGHydraulically Motored Generator
HMGHigh Maintenance Girlfriend
HMGHotel Managers Group, LLC
References in classic literature ?
I left the conclave at the picture-dealer's forthwith, and purchased at the nearest druggist's a bottle containing a certain powerful liquid, which I decline to particularize on high moral grounds.
We don't make the piece with any high moral ground.
Spender, who would become the Gazette's editor three years later, chose to adopt the high moral ground.
The prevalent mood among the BJP legislators seems to be in favour of forming the government-in total contrast to high moral ground the party leadership had occupied earlier.
I will probably be accused of taking the high moral ground, but more of the electorate as well as politicians need to think harder about voting or, by default, the wrong people get elected.
Unfortunately, when Geo Group and its editorial board committed the acts of libel and defamation against country's secret agency ISI and DG ISI, the owner of Geo Group Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman failed to demonstrate high moral ground and respect for the rule of law.
Admiral Joshi climbed the podium taking a high moral ground for the series of accidents while Antony took refuge in emotions, claiming he was saddened by the events that unfolded on Wednesday.
As a journalist and a self proclaimed honest one he should have taken the high moral ground and turned down the offer to be the chief executive of the Punjab or the head of the cricket body though for a brief period.
Community leader Dr Jamal Rifi said when they come back they are radicalized, and look on people with a high moral ground.
Those who want to carve out their own careers by destroying other people's, take the high moral ground - 'but the children only have one chance'.
Until Oregon outlaws the death penalty again, it will be difficult to claim high moral ground against flogging.
It has been taking various forms and shapes especially in the United States where there was a strong push sometimes because of activists and law enforcers' attempt to maintain the country's high moral ground.
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