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HOMHead of Mission (US DoD)
HOMHouse of Montague (Denmark)
HOMHomomorphism (mathematics)
HOMHolland, Michigan (Amtrak station code)
HOMHigher Order Modulation (wireless technology)
HOMHierarchical Object Model
HOMHeart of Mary
HOMHit or Miss
HOMHall of Mirrors
HOMHead of Marketing
HOMHigh Order Mode (Fiber Optics)
HOMHigher Order Multiple (birth rate)
HOMHeads of Missions
HOMHomer, AK, USA - Homer Airport (Airport Code)
HOMHomeland Onshore Model (Synergroup Systems)
HOMHierarchical Occlusion Map
HOMHigh-Order Messaging (object-oriented languages)
HOMHigher Order Model
HOMHigh Octane Mode
HOMHearing Office Manager
HOMHigh Output Mode
HOMHanford Occupational Medical System
HOMHardware Object Module (IBM)
HOMHazardous Organic Mishap
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The high order mode structure expands the volume of fundamental mode structure, thereby weakening the influence of the processing volume tolerance on the device performance.
Orenstein, "Mode add drop for optical interconnects based on adiabatic high order mode couplers," Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS'05), Vol.
For this reason, each individual part must be carefully designed in such a way that the individual performances have to be maximized in order to get a strict control on high order mode generation.
For lasers with high order mode, non-Gaussian beams (eg., excimer lasers), the preferred method is mask projection imaging.
Tang, "Design of a Ka-band bandpass filter based on high order mode SIW Resonator," International Conf.
Since the structure of a symmetric iris exhibits perfect symmetry, only odd modes can be excited at the discontinuity, that is, the first high order mode to be considered is the TE30.
The CIDO configuration consists of a wave-guide cavity IMPATT oscillator coupled to a high Q, high order mode cylindrical Invar cavity.
If the air gap of PPWG is such smaller that cutoff frequency of any high order mode is higher than the operating frequency, those modes cannot propagate and decay quickly in a small range when they are generated.
The curves depend greatly on the fibre core diameter, and it is seen clearly from the comparison of the curve sets for 10[mu] and 7.5[mu] fibre cores, see Figure 8 and Figure 9 that the high efficiency of coupling to the high order modes can be strongly boosted when selecting the tiny core fibre where the higher tilt angles of the TFBG make sense.
And the higher operation bands are produced by the high order modes of the loop.
Before the break point is the near region, where the high order modes are dominant; waveguide effect has not been established, and therefore, the signal undergoes larger loss and stronger fluctuations.
The computation includes dispersion, losses and finite strip thickness, and high order modes. The single-layer structure allows the use of up to three dielectric layers below and up to three above the strip plane.
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