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HPWOHigh Performance Work Organization (human resources)
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Thomas Bailey (1994) recently conducted a survey of a random sample of 480 apparel production sites and examined six indicators of high performance work organization.
One problem in this analysis is that there is no unambiguous way of defining a high performance work organization and knowing whether or not the establishment is following this path.
Indeed, in their extensive review of the literature, Appelbaum and Batt identified six different clusters of practices, any one of which might be termed a High Performance Work Organization.
1) Outcome in 1997 = f(1992 control variables + high performance work organization variable in 1992)
High Performance Work Organizations (HPWOs) took root in the early 1990s but then faced an environment of organizational turmoil and restructuring.
Many commentators hailed so-called High Performance Work Organizations (HPWOs) for two related reasons.
Implicit in much of the discussion of high performance work organizations has been the view that this approach to organizing work is "win-win," in the interest of both employees and firms.
While high performance work organization models have been most carefully studied by large firms, they are being employed daily by many small businesses.
High performance work organization is a learning system for firms.
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