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HPWSHewlett Packard Workstation
HPWSHorizontal Pulse Width Set
HPWSHigh Performance Work Systems
HPWSHemophilia Patients Welfare Society (Pakistan)
HPWSHigh Pressure Water Separator
HPWSHigh Pressure Water Supply (construction)
HPWSHigh Pressure Water Scaling
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Human resource flexibility as a mediating variable between high performance work systems and performance.
Nevertheless, employee involvement is only one of the multiple dimensions needed for implementing high performance work systems. In consequence, researchers need a more comprehensive analysis considering other High Performance Work Practices (HPWPs) to assess the effect of this system in Europe.
Lack of trust and resistance to change are often reasons cited for implementation failure in high performance work systems, or lean production systems.
On the other hand, the reversed causality can be a serious issue, as high performance work systems can improve the organizational results, but high performance of the firm may also determined the use of complex HR policies.
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However, within the HPWS scale, a number of correlations are high, suggesting that each may be important in the overall impact of a high performance work system on performance.
As the emphasis in the marketplace shifted from quantity to quality, high performance work systems evolved as a management style suited to address this need.
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