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HIMEMHigh Memory
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(2) An HTS (Hash Table Structure) is proposed to store and process the large intermediate captured results in this paper; this approach can solve the problems of long processing latency and high memory consumption in out-of-order RFID event streams by applying the hash table mapping, hash table storing, hash table searching and hash table comparison technologies to significantly reduce the searching, inserting, sorting, and comparing operations compared with some of the general methods.
The diverse SuperWorkstation line supports Intel[R] Xeon[R] and 2nd generation Core processors, NVIDIA Quadro[R] and Tesla[R] GPUs, as well as high memory capacities up to 288GB.
Again, the set size effect is due to differences in the low memory load condition (between the 5 items and 10 items conditions; p = .004), but no differences were found for the high memory load condition, although there is no interaction.
Tego, the leading provider of high memory RFID tagging solutions, today announced the worldwide availability of new aviation-grade RFID tags developed by Marubeni Chemix using TegoChip(tm) technology for aerospace and a broad range of industrial applications.
We expect that the memory load manipulation would lead to a more exogenous attentional set, so no effects or even a more effective selection under the high memory load condition would take place in the VS task (as in Smilek et al., 2006a).
<p>Mateu cautioned that version 10.5 is still an unstable development build, with issues such as high memory usage.
The A+ solutions designs include GPU-optimized, 6Gb/s SAS 2.0, Universal I/O, QDR InfiniBand support, a high memory capacity, high efficiency VRMs and Gold Level power supplies, while offering up to a 10 quad-processor or dual-processor blades.
Washington, Aug 7 (ANI): While many people complain of getting perturbed by the sound of blowing horns while trying to concentrate on something, researchers have now found that students with high memory storage capacity are better at ignoring distractions and staying focused on their assigned tasks.
* Not all applications lend themselves to virtualization -especially those with high memory requirements.
They include a 300-megahertz processor and high memory to ensure rapid and efficient document processing.
Mr Sweeney added: "It protects a system against known and unknown threat vectors and, as such, it's a lot more efficient than a database or hash data-driven database, which can often require relatively high memory resources."
STMicroelectronics (NYSE:STM), a world leader in serial non- volatile memory ICs, has unveiled a new 1-Mbit serial EEPROM with SPI bus (serial peripheral interface) in the tiny SO8N package with 150-mil (3.8mm) body width - the first SPI serial EEPROM in the market to squeeze this high memory density into such a small package.