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HOVLHigh Occupancy Vehicle Lane (various locations)
HOVLHoofdofficier-Vlieger (Dutch)
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Vehicles using the High Occupancy Vehicle lane must have at least two occupants.
The High Occupancy Vehicle lane at Junction 26 at Chain Bar will be closed over 24 hours and is scheduled to open at 6am on 27 July.
That's the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane for those in the know.
For the demonstration, researchers at Berkeley's Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways program (PATH), cooperating with General Motors, extensively modified eight 1997 Buick LeSabres as well as the stretch of Highway I-15's high occupancy vehicle lane.
The issues involved here are slightly weightier than former Senator Jepsen's claim that "congressional immunity' gave him the right to drive to work alone in the High Occupancy Vehicle lane.
With the reopening, just one tunnel that was closed after the accident remains shut down - the high occupancy vehicle lane in the eastbound tunnel, which is still undergoing repairs.