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Ltd, a manufacturer of solar PV products, has launched its latest range of high-efficiency module products in Tokyo today.
Huang said Teco's overall sales will definitely grow this year as Taiwan's demand for high-efficiency motors and inverter home appliances is on the rise.
New Clorox Plus high-efficiency bleach is specially formulated for use with nearly every brand of high-efficiency washer and is said to be effective in eliminating the bad odors the machines can sometimes leave on clothing.
Enhanced insulation and the high-efficiency glazing of windows based on their positions on the exterior will help the building achieve a level of energy efficiency approximately 35% greater than that mandated by the New York State energy code.
In addition to the built-in features, the house is also filled with high-efficiency Energy Star products - such as a refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer, and dishwasher - all of which were provided by Edison.
These losses are unavoidable under the laws of physics, but high-efficiency motors minimize them through design enhancements.
Hartley Controls developed the high-efficiency cooling system that operates independent of foundry shakeout.
will be located in Vietnam's Dong Nai province, and will manufacture high-efficiency industrial motors rated at under 100 horsepower, plus their parts.
GE has invested more than $200 million in the last four years on the development of energy efficient lighting, including reduced-powered Miser([R]) light bulbs to high-efficiency Par 38 halogen lamps and Energy Smart([R]) compact fluorescent lamps.
The new line of Alfalight AMx-808B high-efficiency 808 nm diode lasers are sampling now and will be available in volume in March 2007.
Under the strategic agreement, EMCORE will supply its high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells and concentrator systems to WorldWater for marketing to the terrestrial market.
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