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HEBHurst-Euless-Bedford (Texas)
HEBHot Electron Bolometer
HEBHaute Ecole de Bruxelles (French: High School of Brussels; Brussels, Belgium)
HEBHoward E. Butt Grocery Company (supermarket chain; Texas)
HEBHindu Endowments Board (Singapore)
HEBHere Everything's Better
HEBHigh Energy Biscuit
HEBHigh-Energy Beam
HEBHigher Education Bulletin (Kenya)
HEBHigh Efficiency Boiler
HEBHealth Evidence Bulletins
HEBHeating Element Bank
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They can be absolutely certain the high-energy beam is coming from the pulsar because it has exactly the same period as the pulsed radio and X-ray emissions that have long been observed.
This is based on injecting a high-energy beam into warm, modest amounts of plasma within a spherical tokamak, the shape of a cored apple, the advocates say.
As a leader in the high-energy beam processing services, we provide solutions for medical implants, surgical instruments, and microelectronic devices, while continuing to support pioneering research & development.
The topics include the Los Alamos perspective on high-intensity accelerators, high-energy beam transport lines and delivery system for intense proton beams, a dual-injection tube for a 20 megawatt lead-bismuth target system, estimating some characteristics of the Cascade Subcritical Molten Salt Reactors, and the concept of transmutational experimental facility.
They work by sending a high-energy beam of electrons to illuminate the surface of the object and gathering the electromagnetic radiation that is bounced back.
In a laser, large numbers of electrons are 'pumped' to a higher energy level and then stimulated to produce a high-energy beam of light.
Hisham Mehanna, consultant head and neck surgeon, said: "Lasers, which create a high-energy beam of light, have revolutionised the treatment of head and neck cancers in particular."
There are three types of food irradiation: (1) the new electron beam process (brand name SureBeam), often referred to as electronic pasteurization, in which electrons are accelerated almost to the speed of light to produce a high-energy beam, (2) also from SureBeam, a similar electronic X-ray process that zaps deeper and (3) the older gamma nuclear irradiation.
"In general, we are looking at any high-energy beam because it is a viable substitute for the punching process.
The Welsh NHS has agreed to fund his 10-week radiotherapy treatment in the US, which involves using a precise, high-energy beam of particles to destroy cancer cells.
The therapy uses a high-energy beam of protons rather than X-rays to deliver radiotherapy for patients, resulting in less damage to surrounding healthy organs.
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