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HECRHigh-Energy Cosmic Ray (physics)
HECRHigher Education Campus Retail (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology; Canada)
HECRHighly Exothermic Chemical Reactions
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Its first incarnation generated 19 papers on high-energy cosmic ray and gamma-ray observations, neutrinos, dark matter, and particle cosmology and gravity.
Germ cell mutagenesis in medaka fish after exposures to high-energy cosmic ray nuclei: A human model.
A new method of Stockpile Stewardship would involve the use of high-energy cosmic ray muons.
"If this is the case, this would be very exciting because no one has yet definitively found a source of these high-energy cosmic ray protons."
Meanwhile, 1,600 ground-level detectors --instrumented tanks of purefied water--detect "air showers" of secondary particles (mostly gamma rays and electrons) that are spawned when a high-energy cosmic ray collides with an atom in the top of the atmosphere.
The levels of high-energy cosmic ray particles have been increasing for years, but more slowly than they are now.
Analyzing data from high-energy cosmic ray detectors in Japan and England, Elihu Boldt of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., and his colleagues have traced the trajectories of several of the particles to four galaxies known to surround dead or dormant quasars and suspected to contain supermassive black holes.
DAMPE was able to monitor high-energy cosmic rays in an energy range that had not previously been observed directly.
CIRCLES High-energy cosmic rays in the night-time sky over Utah
According to the Russian astronomer, the discovery of WR 11suggests that WF stars can be sources of high-energy cosmic rays, some of which supply energy in our Galaxy.
In addition to shedding light on our cosmic neighborhood, the results offer an explanation for a decades-old mystery on why we measure more incoming high-energy cosmic rays on one side of the sun than on the other.
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