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HFUSHigh-Frequency Ultrasound
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Molecular ultrasound imaging was performed using Vevo2100 high-frequency ultrasound system (FUJIFILM VisualSonics, Toronto, Canada) with an LZ-250 linear array transducer.
As an alternative, CNTs were used to for high-frequency ultrasound generation [28].
With the development of high-frequency ultrasound probe techniques and high-frame-frequency technology image acquisition in recent years, murine cardiac ultrasound image quality has significantly improved.
Shung, "A Low-Cost Bipolar Pulse Generator for High-Frequency Ultrasound Applications", IEEE Trans.
The vibroacoustic modulation (VAM) method is based on the fact that a high-frequency ultrasound probing wave propagating in a structure is modulated by a low-frequency vibration.
Shung, "A low-cost bipolar pulse generator for high-frequency ultrasound applications," IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control, vol.
It should be emphasized that the distribution of the cavitation field is also different between low- and high-frequency ultrasound. A 20 kHz horn system yields a limited conical cavitation zone near the horn tip while high frequencies ([greater than or equal to] 100 kHz) tend to give a more diffuse, widely distributed zone of cavitation [4].
Using high-frequency ultrasound and special cardiac-assessment software by Fujifdm VisualSonics, Inc., of Canada, Mayo Clinic researchers implanted engineered stem cells into the damaged heart tissue of mice and over time observed the regeneration of healthy cardiac rhythms.
He begins by reviewing the electrodiagnostic assessment of peripheral neuropathies and high-frequency ultrasound, then applies them to various body regions, among them the brachial plexus and thoracic outlet, the radial nerve, nerves about the hip and thigh, and generalized neuromuscular conditions.
The high-frequency ultrasound waves generate additional bubbles, which are popped by the low-frequency waves.
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