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HNWIHigh Net-Worth Individual
HNWIHigh-Net-Worth Investors
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Artivest helps financial advisors and high-net-worth investors across the Americas, Europe, and Asia build better portfolios by transforming how they identify, access and invest in institutional private alternative strategies.
Simkowitz said iCapital's platform has "has significantly improved the client experience for individual investors" and their advisors by removing "many of the operational impediments that high-net-worth investors face when seeking to increase their commitments to these strategies."
LCR sources its capital from global high-net-worth investors seeking U.S.
It's clear that many high-net-worth investors are still very concerned about sustaining major market losses as they plan for their retirement.
Purchased by the fund in 2006, the 1,243-acre unit in Washington County was sold as a long-term investment to a high-net-worth investor because of its inventory of high value hardwood species and excellent accessibility and location.
Offering a note of cautionary advice for high-net-worth investors, who are "typically and with good reason internationally-minded", Tom Elliot, the Group's international investment strategist, adds: "The Euro zone is recovering, yet it remains unbalanced, as it is led by the 'core' northern economies.
* More than 90 percent of high-net-worth investors participate in social media in some form.
( is an investment advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, specializing primarily in investing in convertible securities to provide growth and income to high-net-worth investors, corporations, family offices, endowments and charitable foundations.
For example, boomer high-net-worth investors who only 18 months ago regarded life insurance planning to be something of an afterthought may now be re-evaluating their plan's function.
The Blog Network's content will focus on senior business decision makers and high-net-worth investors. Topics will be relevant to the banking, trading, hedge fund management, affluent investing, and senior business decision-making communities.
It has a client base of 55,000 institutional and high-net-worth investors, professional advisors, fund managers and industry service providers.
High-net-worth investors are interested in simplifying their financial lives and seek financial services professionals who are advice-oriented rather than merely purveyors of product.
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