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Dissemination pathways in high-pressure injection injuries of the hand:an experimental animal model.
The two LSTF tests assumed nitrogen gas inflow and total failure of high-pressure injection system regarding the severe multiple system failures.
[19.] Okamoto T., et al., "DME spray characteristics of high-pressure injection," Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan Autumn academic lecture (2008) 229-20085829.
This patient sustained a high-pressure injection injury to the PIP joint of his right index finger.
Fracking -- the high-pressure injection of water, chemicals, and sand to fracture underground rock formations and release trapped natural gas and oil -- along with advances in horizontal drilling, has made it possible to unlock large new reserves of oil and gas from shale formations in the U.S.
In addition, the system can use relatively inexpensive low-pressure fuel injection (commonly used in gasoline engines), instead of the high-pressure injection required by conventional diesel engines.
Usually a supply pump draws the fuel from the fuel tank and carries it through a filter to the high-pressure injection pump, see Figure 1.
Aimed at junior doctors new to plastic surgery, this guide proffers advice primarily on the immediate management of emergency hand trauma and covers local anesthetic blocks, nail-bed injuries, mallet finger, nerve injuries, tendon injuries, hand fractures, crush injuries, replants and revascularizations, penetrating foreign bodies, extravasation injuries, high-pressure injection injuries, and deliberate self-harm.
The high-pressure injection pump and inlet liquid sparger system will spray a liquid (hydrocarbon condensate, glycol, compressor oil, mineral oil, methanol, or other liquid as required) directly into gas stream at the inlet nozzle.
The full electronic engines have a speed-independent common rail high-pressure injection system and because of two, oil-lubricated, high-pressure injection pumps, allow unrestricted use of biodiesel without modification to the engine, Fendt said.
Combining a rigid clamping system with high-pressure injection capability as standard features, both the 165 and 275 Roboshot Models deliver the performance needed for tight tolerance molding with large molds and small shot sizes.
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