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HYIHigh-Yield Investment
HYIHarvard-Yenching Institute (est. 1928; Cambridge, MA)
HYIHigh Yield Income Fund, Inc. (various locations)
HYIHyperInternet (file extension for Multimedia file/report authoring technology)
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The high-yield investment schemes that are being peddled to the public very well falls under the definition of securities according to the Securities Regulation Code as these are 'investment contracts' and or 'profit-sharing agreements.' In short, these schemes are considered securities and before such will be offered to be public, the entities offering them must first acquire a secondary license from the SEC.
I will remain 100 percent committed and focused on building our global cannabis footprint, while LGC's co-chairman, Mazen Haddad, will head up this division and continue to pursue large high-yield investment opportunities for LGC.
This high-yield investment plan includes feedstock packages used to produce Oud oil and can yield profit from 20% annually, the company states.
It's been reported that Aspen plans to improve its investment portfolio with high-yield investment securities.
According to authorities, the advisors tried to dupe the agent into believing their high-yield investment program would earn extremely high rates of return when in fact they were conspiring to steal his money.
Aspen also plans to improve its investment portfolio with high-yield investment securities, said O'Kane.
And even if the more reckless among what Lord Freud terms the "poorer" did decide to put all their jobseekers' allowance on red and their foodbank vouchers into high-yield investment funds and somehow make it to the promised land, they would then have to contend with paying the mortgage in a world of frozen wages and a rising cost of living, in part, because of government policy.
Authorities say the scam, in which four British expatriates were defrauded, is a classic case of high-yield investment fraud.
The bank is pleased to present this high-yield investment opportunity to investors."
Wheatley and Simmons used a Web site to advertise a "high-yield investment program." The scheme offered, for example, a 38 percent daily rate of return on an investment and up to a 650 percent return for a 15-day investment, according to court records.
Wright: We see a steep rise in the incidence of identity thefts of all types, including phishing, pharming and theft of corporate identity We also see a rise in traditional fraud schemes, such as theft by employees, advance fee frauds, high-yield investment schemes and the use of fictitious prime bank instruments to deceive investors.