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The only solution now is that the Agency declares impartially and professionally that information provided by certain IAEA member states about high-explosive experiments at the Marivan site has been fabricated and, thus, the IAEA cannot verify the claims," Najafi said.
Gafur said the cause of the explosion was high-explosive bomb containing ''royal demolition explosive'' and nitrates found at the scene.
The IRGC on Sunday unveiled a home-made high-explosive mine and test-fired an anti-cruise missile in a ceremony attended by General Pakpour.
A source in Anbar police said to the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / Nina / : - Armed group have planted a number of high-explosive IEDs in the vicinity of a house believed belonging to a member of Sahwa force in Alsjaria area east of Ramadi , which resulted in the destruction of the house completely.
75-inch rocket, one rocket-propelled grenade round, two 120 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, 12 60 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, two 81 mm high-explosive mortar rounds, two homemade bombs, 35 non-electric detonators, five 60 mm mortar fuses, three electric detonators, one stick of C4, two fragmentation grenades, three AK-47 barrels, two machine gun barrels and 10 copper explosively formed penetrators," according to the statement.
With its matched exterior ballistics and time-of-flight parameters, the M1002 allows for safe and cost-effective training without the use of high-explosive ammunition.
GMLRS-U is equipped with a 200-pound unitary high-explosive warhead, has a range of over 70 kilometers, and is effective against multiple targets including reinforced concrete.
Rafael says the Trophy is available for integration onto heavy, medium and light platforms, thereby providing protection against all types of high-explosive, anti-tank threats--including all known types of anti-tank guided missiles and anti-tank rockets (see Armada issue 1/2005, pg 29).
The work is for the demilitarization of nine families of conventional ammunition, including pyrotechnics, bombs, high-explosive cartridges, improved conventional munitions, bulk propellants, fuzes and small-caliber ammunition.
ARMY bomb disposal experts blew up a high-explosive shell found by divers in the River Leam yesterday.
Even after detecting the explosive traces on the plane's wreckage, officials said they needed clear evidence of metal deformed by a high-explosive detonation before they could declare the crash a crime.
This contract continues the successful maturation of the Army's active protection system to enable full spectrum survivability against rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs), anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds, top attack munitions and now tank-fired KE.
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