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HighMATHigh Performance Media Access Technology
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HighMAT addresses the problem by creating an optimized way for PCs to identify digital files on recordable disks, and standard ways for consumer devices to read these disks, they added.
Their new class of chipsets take full advantage of the benefits of Windows Media Video 9 and HighMAT to enable a whole new range of experiences for consumers such as high definition video experiences and easier playback of home videos without any time consuming MPEG2 conversions.
Moving into 2004 and beyond, WMV9 along with the HighMAT format represents the major unifying force for digital media shared between PC, Internet and consumer appliances.
Finally, DVD players will be able to read and navigate a mixture of video, audio, and image content created using the new HighMAT format, a standard established jointly by Matsushita and Microsoft.
Sonic plans to add support for creating HighMAT discs in AuthorScript(R), Sonic's DVD creation Software Developer Kit (SDK) that is the underlying technology used to create most commercial and home DVD titles.
We are delighted that Sonic will add HighMAT support to AuthorScript, the key enabler for the most-popular DVD authoring applications," said Jonathan Usher, Director, Windows Digital Media Division at Microsoft Corp.
HighMAT is intended to make digital media formats such as JPEG photos, MP3 music files, and Windows Media Audio and Video files easily playable on a wide variety of consumer electronics devices as well as PCs.