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HICONHandle to an Icon (Microsoft)
HICONHigher Control
HICONHigher Command (US DoD)
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On one hand, most of the above control applications assume that the computed control actions will never reach the saturation limits of the actuator yet in practicethe generated control signals will have higher control input values if the UAV is away from its target.
Higher control levels contain a number of applications: InTouch (in which was created visualization of processes), ArchestrA Integrated Development Environment (environment for creating control systems), Wonderware Application Sever (WAS), (runtime environment that performs the automation objects).
The EoACAypitta' individual has a relatively higher control over his or her anger.
The network is supposed to disconnect Iranians from the World Wide Web and enable the government to have a much higher control over the Internet.
Unlike under VFR where it's the airspace of higher control (Classes A through D) that are the issue, it's classes E and G that can cause problems under IFR.
But the KCN treatment (88) was higher control group with regard to the 90% germination rate.
44) If those shares control those items, the valuator would apply a higher control premium, while if the shares lack control over these items, the discount will be higher.
Basically you don't incur the high energy cost of typical Freon units while achieving higher control of temperature and moisture levels at the office building," he says.
Therefore, higher control would supposedly be chosen if it would expectedly raise returns (e.
In the higher control levels of technology control, operational quantities/parameters are managed, with the goal to keep the conditions of the process optimal.
Furthermore, tumours without K-ras mutations have a significantly higher control rate than those with K-ras mutations (P=0.
The MOSFET is very electrostatic discharge (ESD)-sensitive; it requires a higher control voltage, often needing a charge pump to generate this voltage.