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Due to great chemistry and metallurgical innovations of the steel industry, higher strength steels have made significant strides, in specified minimum yield strength (SMYS), wall thickness control, toughness and weight per foot.
However, with the need for higher fuel economy and lesser carbon footprint, auto manufacturers are looking for means to continually reduce vehicle body weight either by employing lighter materials like aluminum and fiber-reinforced plastics, or by using higher strength steel with reduced gages, or by combinations of these approaches.
Extensive use of higher strength steel makes the new Suzuki Swift lighter and stiffer than before
While they are moving toward an increased use of higher strength steel at GM, Weber notes that they're still developing the process knowledge that is necessary for such things as welding [e,g., It isn't a good thing, he suggests, to weld dual-phase to dual-phase because of resultant brittleness) and forming.
The Centurion was chosen because of its faster bending speeds and its ability to handle higher strength steel with a greater range of pipe accommodation sizes.
As a result, high-scale adoption of advanced materials in agriculture, such as advanced higher strength steels, remains unabated.
Its highly anticipated model brings with it a "small on the outside, big on the inside," design philosophy, simply called "A+ compact build." This is exercised in its doors and hatches, made thin with the use of higher strength steels. Passengers will notice the fabric seats with integrated headrests that provide generous support, and yet take up very little space.
This new equipment includes a thermomechanical treatment simulator to develop higher strength steels and an electron microscope to observe steel 'reactions' at atomic level.
The company has added new types/generation of consumables as electrodes and wires; new flux-cored wires for various applications, including wires for higher strength steels, wear resistance and higher temperature applications.
The move is on to develop more and more higher strength steels. As Jody Shaw, manager of Technical Marketing and Product Research, U.S.
The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials has well-established steel design codes, and has made adjustments to the codes to accommodate higher strength steels. New, optimized shapes, designed to replace routine box and I-girder shapes, will further realize the full benefit of the strength and weldability of these steels.
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