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HALTHighly Accelerated Life Testing
HALTHungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired
HALTHelp Abolish Legal Tyranny
HALTHonestly, Actively, Lovingly Tolerant (Alcoholics Anonymous chat slang)
HALTHope, Acceptance, Love, Tolerance (Alcholics Anonymous chat slang)
HALTHigh-Speed Avoidance Using Laser Technology (C.H.G. Safety Technologies, Inc.)
HALTHighly Accelerated Life Test/Testing
HALTHelping Arizonans Limit Tragedy
HALTHigher Away, Lower Towards (refraction)
HALTHorse Assisted Learning and Therapy (Summerfield, Florida)
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of research and development, systems manufacturing, and Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT/HASS) capabilities.
For quality and reliability, the Tecra A50 has been rigorously tested to the stresses of heat, shock, vibration and Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) at Toshiba's facilities.
Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) applies increasingly higher levels of stress to force product failures.
WASHINGTON, DC--A US House of Representatives committee has submitted a report directing the Missile Defense Agency to consider highly accelerated life testing and highly accelerated stress screening test equipment as means for determining reliability issues, including ones caused by counterfeit electronic components.
Vibration testing continued to be covered during the remainder of the 1980s and throughout the 1990s, but environmental stress screening (ESS), highly accelerated life testing (HALT), and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS) were gaining popularity.
Longer life product demands have driven the need for highly accelerated life testing systems.
On 28 September NAVAIR announced the Electromagnetic Launch System completed the first phase of Highly Accelerated Life Testing and the second phase of System Functional Demonstration commissioning.
* Start, in parallel, a HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing)/HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) study, and a field life test study.
HALT (highly accelerated life testing) is "a series of controlled tests that stress a product beyond its normal working envelope with the intention of discovering latent defects that may cause issues for it in later life." The latent defect is a potential fault connected with components, materials or the manufacturing process that is not found during conventional test procedures (Table 1).
Some of the tests that apply, often referred to as environmental stress screening (ESS), include thermal cycling, high temperature exposure, low temperature exposure, highly accelerated stress testing or screening (HAST), highly accelerated life testing (HALT), vibration, shock, humidity, salt fog, rain, explosive atmosphere, low pressure (altitude) and fungus, among others.
Each unit is HALT tested (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) to verify design parameters and to ensure 100% out of the box operation.
He also said the lab would help to extend the usefulness of Highly Accelerated Life testing and Failure Mode Effect analysis.
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