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HASTHawaii-Aleutian Standard Time
HASTHyper Amorphous Silicon Tft
HASTHighly Accelerated Stress Test
HASTHighly Available Storage
HASTHigh Altitude Supersonic Target
HASTHyper Amorphous Silicon TFT (LCD)
HASTHumanitarian Assistance Survey Team
HASTHank Aaron State Trail (Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources)
HASTHead and Shoulders Top (stock trading strategy)
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Data replication technologies duplicate or "mirror" mission-critical business data from one highly available storage disk array to another.
"Using McDATA's reliable Fibre Channel Switch technology, we have created for Porsche a highly available storage environment, which will meet future user requirements," says Franz Grohs, managing director of debis Systemhaus Austria.
The California-based data availability systems provider VERITAS Software Corp, the Japanese electronics maker Hitachi Ltd and Hitachi's subsidiary Hitachi Data Systems have formed a global partnership for the delivery of highly available storage systems.
The fraunhofer institute isi in karlsruhe currently operates a highly available storage and file server cluster solution from the manufacturer netapp.
Leveraging distributed storage technologies, Amplidata enables customers to build highly available storage infrastructures at significantly reduced cost.
"With the introduction of our next-generation PowerVault SAN, Dell offers customers competitive price-performance with best-in-class, scalable and highly available storage," said Russ Holt, vice president and general manager of Dell's Storage Systems Group.
Pooling storage resources in shared file systems may make it easier to put more file systems on mirrored volumes or other highly available storage configurations.
The Medical Service of the health insurance Niedersachen pursued by the renewal of the storage infrastructure the following objectives - Adaptation of system performance to the increased storage requirements,- Design a highly available storage infrastructure,- Optimization of system access (if necessary separation block- and file-based access)- Good integration of the systems into the existing infrastructure (.
Contract award: delivery, implementation and maintenance of a highly available storage environment consisting of storage virtualization and modular data storage devices.
Contract notice: Delivery, implementation and maintenance of a highly available storage environment consisting of storage virtualization, modular data storage devices.
Building and operating a highly available storage system (storage on demand) with an initial volume of 130 terabytes.
One of the primary reasons the university implemented Red Hat Storage Server is that it could continue to add more highly available storage to their environment without compromising on performance and without impacting downtime.
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