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HVCHigh Velocity Cloud (galactic cloud made of mostly atomic hydrogen)
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HVCHistory of the Vote in Canada (est. 1997)
HVCHarvest Valley Computer (Homeland, CA)
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"While there is further to go, the NHS has committed to treating an extra 345,000 children by 2023, is developing new services to treat 6,000 highly vulnerable children and has today written to local health groups reminding them their plans should reflect the needs of the most vulnerable children."
Gillian Urquhart, director at the Moira Anderson Foundation, said: "In our work, we encounter highly vulnerable children and young people who are at their lowest point as a result of their experiences.
Foundation director Gillian Urquhart said: "We encounter highly vulnerable children and young people who are at their lowest as a result of their experiences.
Jonathan Polnay, prosecuting, called Temple's actions "the grossest degree of abuse of trust", saying the effect on the lives of the "highly vulnerable children he was paid to look after" was "incalculable".
Despite vaccinating highly vulnerable children, humanitarian organisations such as MSF are unable to purchase vaccines at the lowest available price.This lowest global price for the pneumonia vaccine is only available to the worlds poorest countries through Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.
Their cuts have left highly vulnerable children without support and being shunted up and down the motorways in search of crisis beds.
It is one example of shocking failings discovered by an under-cover investigation into staff employed to protect highly vulnerable children.
This is the third annual report on PL 109-95 and it provides: global estimates of the number of highly vulnerable children; a summary of USG assistance programs for highly vulnerable children; a summary of progress coordinating the response among USG agencies; key strategic issues and opportunities; priorities for 2009-2010--and beyond; and a summary of the results and achievements of USG assistance.
Across these richly detailed programs is a set of principles for what is required to make a difference in the lives of highly vulnerable children. Recognizing the sense of urgency, these programs targeted their efforts to children and families at greatest risk.
"With the holiday season upon us, we hope the generous gift from the Jolie-Pitt Foundation inspires others to give and focus on assisting orphans and highly vulnerable children around the world," US Weekly quoted Jennifer Delaney the charity's executive director, as saying.
The fourth obstacle to greater investment in the healthy development of young children is the way that divisions related to class, race, ethnicity, or geography lead to feelings of not wanting to pay for "other people's children." Thus, the needs of highly vulnerable children are often dismissed or ignored because they are perceived to be the consequence of irresponsible parenting by adults who are viewed as undeserving of public support.
Description : The project goal is to improve the safety, well-being and development of highly vulnerable children, particularly those who are living without adequate family care.
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