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Stephen Hammond has said that a Highways Agency engineer would be despatched to the A5/Long Shoot site "to establish whether the remodelling has had a detrimental impact on the junction's safety."
Speaking in the Commons, the Berwick MP said: "They are frustrated particularly with the attitude of the Highways Agency and the planning authorities, which in turn are influenced by guidance from central Government." He added: "Tourism is absolutely vital to most rural communities." Berwick golf club is among those organisations to have been hit by the problem, according to Sir Alan.
The Highways Agency Traffic Cameras Service, developed by WSP Intelligent Transport Systems, is believed to be the largest of its kind in the world.
But figures released by the Highways Agency show that the crash was one of only two at the location in a three-year period.
A spokesman for the Highways Agency said it has "put public safety first" in making its decision.
But two days later, Highways Agency contractors working on the M62 between Brighouse and Chain Bar picked up the pet after they spotted him wandering along the roadworks lane.
A spokesman for the Highways Agency said: "The error, which appears to be the result of retail park contractors working on our road, will be corrected as a matter of urgency to ensure the town name is spelt correctly.
The Type 600 contract is Henry Williams' second major Highways Agency contract in recent years.
Based at the Highways Agency's pounds 10 million control centre in Quinton, the ground-breaking partnership is being trialled for six months and could be rolled out across other areas of the Highways Agency motorway network if successful.
The warning from the Highways Agency comes as the Met Office forecasts spells of wet and windy weather.
THE future of a controversial sculpture which was to be a major work of art on Wirral's doorstep looked in doubt last night after the Highways Agency threatened to pull the plug on it.
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