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HHelp! (Beatles song)
HHentai (anime)
HHigh Risk
HHit (Baseball)
HHistorical (action code)
HHotel (aviation letter code)
HHold (baseball; relief pitcher stat)
HHearts (playing cards)
HMagnetic Field (physics)
HHolder (football)
HHomo- (Latin: human-taxonomic genus)
HHungary (International Auto Identification)
HHyundai (automobile brand)
HHorizontal (polarization)
HHorn (music)
HHaze (weather reports)
HHeer (German)
HHinge (philately)
HHologram (Red Dwarf sitcom)
HHimalayan (rabbit breed)
HPlanck's Constant (6.626 × 10^-34 joule-second)
HHelicobacter (genus of H. pylori bacteria)
HHistidine (amino acid)
HSulfur Mustard (blister warfare agent)
HHamiltonian (aka Hamilton; mathematics; named for William Rowan Hamilton)
HHøyre (Norwegian left wing party)
HKruskal-Wallis Test (statistics; analysis)
HAcknowledgement of Receipt (Scott Catalogue prefix; philately)
HHecto- (10^3, SI Prefix)
HMetro Montreal (postal code designation, Canada)
HWinchester Repeating Arms Company (headstamp for rim-fire cartridges)
HHyperphoria (condition of one eye being higher than the other)
HC Language Header File (file name extension)
HHoneywell Information Systems, Incorporated
HFederal Reserve Bank of Saint Louis, Missouri (designates original point of circulation of a dollar bill)
HUndenominated United States Stamp (33 cents, introduced 10 Jan 1999)
HHelicopter or Search/Rescue (US military aircraft designation; as in H-1)
HUS DoT tire speed rating (130 mph)
HHalf Size Blue Print
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Inshallah, this new Hijrah Year, if celebrated properly and taken to heart, can be a blessing for all of Egypt's citizens, whether they are Muslim or not.
Sincere believers throughout the world, though, will reflect on the meaning of the new Hijrah year and will take great comfort from it, for they know that Allah Almighty is in charge of times and seasons and that He cares for His Creation with an infinite care.
But leaked letters show that Mr Nolan was written to by the council's strategic director for people, Peter Hay, last week and he revealed the authority was now lobbying the Department for Education (DfE) to give the site to Al Hijrah instead.
In a related development, Muhammad Ameen Mirdad, a member of the Supreme Judiciary Council, said the new labor courts would start functioning in the beginning of the next Hijrah year (Oct.
The Mail attempted to contact Al Hijrah School on a number of occasions for comment but it did not respond.
King Abdul Aziz Road, Hijrah Road and Al-Salam Road will also be developed as part of the project, which coincides with the Prophet's Mosque expansion project.
6 million square meters along Hijrah Road with modern facilities and public transport systems to house 200,000 people.
He appealed to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah to extend the deadline until Muharram 1 of the next Hijrah year.
Foreign diplomats have also requested the Saudi government either to extend the deadline or declare a new three-month amnesty in the beginning of next Hijrah year to help more expats correct their labor status.
The arrests took place during the first four months of this Hijrah year (1434), he added.
During the past decade, Birmingham LEA has used this money to raise standards among ethnic pupils and two months ago agreed to push ahead with making the independent Al Hijrah School, in Bordesley Green, Britain's first state co-educational Muslim secondary.
If the present traffic system is continued, there will be 1,051,232 road accidents with 8,566 deaths during the current Hijrah year," he said.