HILFHigh-Intensity, Low-Frequency (range management)
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Liver (50 mg) and plasma (50 [micro]L) levels of reduced glutathione (GSH) and oxidized glutathione (GSSG) were assayed separately according to the fluorometric orthophthalaldehyde (OPT) method reported by Hissin and Hilf [23].
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According to Hilf (1973, as cited in Soriano Barabino, 2006), the first documented mention of legal translation dates from 1271 B.C.
bolina observed was at 1300 on 4th October at Ra's Abu Ra's (20.16[degrees]N, 58.63[degrees]E) the southernmost point of Masirah and 60km SSW from Hilf, the island's main settlement.
Levels of GSH and GSSG were determined by the method of Hissin and Hilf (1976), which is described in full in Gonzalez-Burgos et al.
"Muhammad had decreed that there was to be no hilf in Islam, no federation of genealogico-political structures among believers.
[64.] Hissin PJ, Hilf R (1976) A fluorometric method for determination of oxidized and reduced glutathione in tissues.
12), with the vocal entry on the text "Hilf mir, du Mann Gottes," (Help me, man of God) became in the final version (now no.