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HBCCHeatsink Bottom Chip Carrier
HBCCHobsons Bay City Council (Victoria, Australia)
HBCCHosted Bus Controller Chip (Ford networking specification)
HBCCHill Brothers Chemical Company (est. 1923; Orange, CA)
HBCCHome Based Child Care (in-home day care services)
HBCCHale Barns Cricket Club (UK)
HBCCHistorically Black Collegiate Coalition
HBCCHome Brew Computer Club
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Environmental Protection Agency recently fined Triax Turbine Components for violations of the hazardous waste law and, in a separate action, Hill Brothers Chemical Company for violations of pesticides law.
Sellers references summarized two reports on how chemical manufacturers and other businesses have been making security improvements to safeguard communities; the intent was to highlight best practices and to spotlight successes in mitigating vulnerabilities, and the sentence about Hill Brothers Chemical Company having "freed 500,000 nearby residents from the risk of an ammonia gas release" was not meant pejoratively.
And by moving a facility out of downtown Los Angeles, Hill Brothers Chemical Company freed 500,000 nearby residents from the risk of an ammonia gas release.