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HIMEHuge Integer Math and Encryption (software)
HIMEHighly Advanced Materialising Equipment
HIMEHog Intestinal Mucosa Extract
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While other restaurants serve wagyu steak or Matsusaka beef for P6,100, Ogetsu Hime prices its Matsusaka beef at 50 percent less.
"That would be removing one of the few dedicated revenue sources that Oklahoma schools have," Hime said.
Hime has served as a special educator, administrator, consultant and more recently as a hearing officer for due process and Section 504 hearings.
Two soybean cultivars, Westag 97 [26], a low Cd accumulator, and AC Hime [27], a high Cd accumulator, were used for this study.
"A large Hime diamond is useful for experiments to study the high- pressure deep interior of the Earth," the Telegraph quoted Irifune as telling Kyodo News.
Having jointly developed it with Osaka-based Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., the team aims to commercialize the Hime diamond as early as next year, said Tetsuo Irifune, head of the Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture-based university's Geodynamics Research Center.
(5) For example, Hime refers to "the extensive revisions and additions" to "the extant manuscript" (56).
The Junior Champion in the Miniature Shetland Pony section under 34 inches went to the Whitaker family with Seva Imogen, and Reserve to Seva Jessica (J and S Hime).
In 1860, while employed as a photographer on a government survey, Humphrey Lloyd Hime made a view of "The Prairie Looking West" that serves as a template for our own survey.
In Toki Hime (Princess Toki), Itto Morita has created a stark meditation titled after the Japanese crested ibis, or toki, which is on the verge of extinction.
Hime's view of Red River in 1858 to modern images of pipeline construction and industrial development.
After building 10 bridges (taking 10 to 15 hours each), David found that balsa alone gave hime the best combo of characteristics: light weight and strength.