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All curvy women have a hip to waist ratio of less than one, meaning that their waist measurement is less than their hip measurement.
WOMEN with a big hip to waist ratio should always go for a high waist and avoid low-rise jeans, according to Jade.
Remind students to round the corners of each piece and taper the elbows to wrists, shoulders to waist, hip to waist, upper legs to knees, and lower legs to ankles.
"Slender thighs and a hip to waist ratio of 0.7 will frame the perfect bum, well, perfectly."
Researchers at the University of Texas say the perfect woman's hip to waist ratio is 0.7 - Kelly's exact measurements.
According to research, the ideal woman should have a hip to waist ratio (waist divided by hip measurement in cm) of 0.7 to attract the opposite sex, `Women who are straight up and down look too childlike and infertile,' says Dr Nick Neave, an evolutionary psychologist at Northumbria University.
Her hip to waist ratio is very good at 0.72, reducing her chances of heart problems as this means less fat is stored near the vital organs.