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HIPEHigh Internal Phase Emulsion
HIPEHospital In-Patient Enquiry Scheme (est. 1969; Economic and Social Research Institute; Ireland)
HIPEHarbin Institute of Physical Education (Harbin, China)
HIPEHeavy Industries and Public Enterprises (India)
hIPEHuman Iris Pigment Epithelial
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PolyBDDMA polyHIPE was obtained by the cross-linking of a HIPE consisting of 75 vol% internal phase.
Hospitalizations in which a lumbar puncture (ICD-10AM code 39000-00) was listed were extracted from HIPE for comparison with the number of CSF samples received at NVRL for virologic testing and with those in which a virus was detected from patients with symptoms of acute encephalitis or meningitis.
Although technology has helped with coders' work, the pressures are much greater now with HIPE data being used by an ever increasing group of stakeholders.
However, this type of HIPE foam is expensive with poor wettability and no swelling capability.
NCHSTE hopes that the recognition gained during Discover the HIPE week will help the partnerships in working toward a solution to the critical staffing shortages in health care professions across the nation.
OTCBB:ONEV), developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets, and HiPe PC, manufacturer of high performance desktop, notebook, media center and professional workstations, today announced that HiPe PC has launched Driv-N[TM], a new line of in-vehicle devices based on Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center and powered by One Voice's voice control.
They were Arvin Balag, Ralph Trangia, Oliver John Audrey Onofre, Mhin Wei Chan, Axel Munrio Hipe, Danielle Hans Matthew Rodrigo, Joshua Joriel Macabali, Marcelino Bagtang, Jose Miguel Salamat and Robin Ramos.
Tenders are invited for Spring Loaded Water Saver Tap Dia 15Mm Inner Thread Hipe Quality.
MI * Tonsils * Diabetes * Asthma * COPD * Appendectomy * Cataract * Hip --Calculated by Casemix from monthly hospital HIPE returns 7.
Try this Hipe design, pounds 30, by Faith, stockists 0845 880 1195 or www.
Kirlin, CPCM, CFCM NVP-Elect South Central Region Thomas Reid, CPCM NVP-Elect North Western Region Willard (Bill) Avedovech NVP-Elect South Western Region Edward Velasquez, CPCM NVP-Elect European Region Eileen Hipe, CPCM
8], purity [greater than] 99%, Riedel-de Haen) for HIPE polymerizations (water soluble) and benzoyl peroxide (BPO, purity [greater than] 97%, Fluka) for IPN polymerization (monomer soluble).