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HOHigh Output
HOHead Office
HOHonduras (Swan Islands)
HOHome Office
HOHolstein (cattle breed)
HOHomeowners (multiple line insurance policy covering both property and liability for homeowners)
HOHigh Order
HOHold On
HOHold Off
HOHonest Opinion
HOHoger Onderwijs (Dutch)
HOHand Off
HOHammer On (guitar technique)
HOHide Out
HOHearing Officer
HOHeavy Oil
HOHippocratic Oath
HOHydrographic Office
HOHouse Officer
HOHistory Office
HOHarmonic Oscillator
HOHeadquarters Office
HOHeterotopic Ossification (orthopedics)
HOHostilities Only
HOHearing Office (Social Security)
HOHinder Ordonnantie (Indonesian: Hinder Ordinance)
HOHandelsorganisation (GDR trade organization)
HOHumanitarian Operation
HOHeavy Offense (gaming)
HOHand Orthosis
HOHurst Olds (automobile)
HOHospitalisation d'Office (French)
HOHardware Overhead
HOHip Orthosis
HOHip Opener (stretching exercise)
HOHierorts (Austrian German: local or locally)
HOHalf O Scale
HOHeight Obstacle
HOHorizontal Overscan
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Let us recall that the Hippocratic Oath is the most widely known medical text of the Greek heritage, authored by Hippocrates, the founder of a school of medicine on the Greek island of Kos, or by his closest associates [9, 10].
These principles are thought to be based on values of Hippocratic Oath, which endorse the idea of experimentation in medicine while ensuring the rights of the patient.
The WMA Declaration of Geneva, [20] adopted by the second General Assembly of the WMA in September 1948 and amended several times including in June 2017, is the modern version of the Hippocratic Oath. Its pledge is to devote life to the service of humanity, to practise with conscience and dignity, to ensure the health of the patient as the doctor's first consideration, not to allow certain considerations, including political affiliations, to intervene with the doctor's duty to the patient, and to maintain the utmost respect for human life.
The relation to the Hippocratic Oath would be represented by the name of the oath when it includes the word Hippocratic or because the authors recognized having based their oaths on the Hippocratic Oath.
Doesn't the Hippocratic Oath sanction using people as ashtrays?
For example, medical paternalism, the base of the Hippocratic Oath, was replaced by the patients' rights, invoking the moral and legal autonomy of them, forcing the physician to consider as prima facie duties, in addition to the autonomy duty, the beneficence and non-maleficence ones.
She's as quick to surrender her Hippocratic oath as she is her marbles.
The authors examine the definition of an oath; oaths and self-curse; oaths in traditional myth; oaths and friendship, enmity, trust, and suspicion in epics, tragedies, and business; the language of oaths; ways to give them added sanctity; the role of gender and status; oaths and characterization, using the examples of Achilles and Odysseus; oratory and rhetoric; the sidestepping of oaths; their binding power; human and divine responses to perjury; the informal oath; swearing oaths in the authorial voice in literary genres; the Hippocratic Oath; and the decline of oaths.
This modified "Hippocratic Oath" was composed in 1893 by Mrs.
He speaks out as strongly against it as the Hippocratic Oath speaks out against abortifacients.
You are being intellectually dishonest, fraudulent, and violating your Hippocratic oath. You are doing all this, plus financial damage to the country you live in.
Along with receiving their US-accredited MD degrees - Cornell University is the only American institution to offer its MD degree overseas - the students also recited the Hippocratic Oath.