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HIRHigh Impact Resistant
HIRHarvard International Review (Harvard University; Cambridge, MA)
HIRHot In-Place Recycling (asphalt pavements)
HIRHeat-Island Reduction (energy saving strategy)
HIRHousehold Income by Race (demographics)
HIRHardware Independent Restore (computers)
HIRHousing Information and Referral (Port Huron, MI)
HIRHalogen Infrared (lamps)
HIRHoniara/Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands - Henderson International (Airport Code)
HIRHologram Image Register
HIRHydrostatic Impact Rocket
HIRHypervelocity Impact Research
HIRHorizontal Impulse Reaction
HIRHandbook of Inspection Requirements
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The location of Hir Pob Aros is also a major selling point for the property according to the owners: "It has the best of both worlds; it's a very pretty Vale village with a lovely community whilst being within walking distance of Cowbridge and all that has to offer.
The HIR should therefore be a strength for security hologram producers and their customers.
HIR is nesting on the Kona Side of Hawaii in a gated community only minutes away from the historic downtown area.
Zulkifli bin Hir, a Malaysian national also known as Marwan, who carried a 5 million dollars reward for his capture offered by the United States, was also killed, The BBC reports.
As bis creatur was in be Postelys Cherch at Rome on Seynt Laterynes Day, be Fadyr of Hevyn seyd to hir "Dowtyr, I am wel plesyd wyth be in-as-meche as pu beleuyst in alle be Sacramentys of Holy Chirche & in al feyth pat longith perto, & specialy for pat pu beleuyst in manhode of my Sone & for be gret compassyon pat pu hast of hys bittyr Passyon.
Looking back, Bergman realized that ze'd been imitating hir father's style of prayer.
However, no rules regarding HIR handling of health information are established in Bill 52.
The Royal Navy and Air Force will start a three-day military exercise in live ammunition on Monday at Hir Bouamama and Hir Shetiya.
Frenchman Joel Le Hir - part of former Gers manager Paul Le Guen's backroom team - was pulled over after driving the wrong way round Glasgow's George Square.
Simply replacing standard PAR 38 halogen lamps with Retail HIR lamps from Louisville, Ky.
Hir TV (News TV) is the brainchild of Gyorgy Bence, adviser to the defeated Prime Minister Viktor Orban, and former government spokesman Gabor Borokai.
General Electric has introduced several new products to upgrade facility lighting: First, HIR XL[TM] Ultra Life Halogen PAR, an extra long-life halogen PAR lamp.