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HSCRHirschsprung Disease
HSCRHematopoietic Stem Cell Rescue
HSCRHigh-Speed Card Reader
HSCRHealth Services Cost Review Commission (Maryland; also seen as HSCRC)
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Semiquantitative Assessment of the Number of Glucose Transporter-1-Positive Nerve Fibers in 16 Patients With Hirschsprung Disease and 22 Control Patients Fiber Quantity(*) Tissue ++ + [+ or -] - Hirschsprung disease 4 Rectal suction biopsies 4 ...
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In the analysis of aspects of enterocolostomy at Hirschsprung disease as a possible way of prophylaxis of HAEC was revealed that the quantity of cases of development of HAEC has no reliable distinctions between ostomy and not ostomy groups of patients.
([section][section][section]) Esophageal atresia (750.3), rectal and large intestinal atresia/stenosis (751.2), pyloric stenosis (750.5 among all ages; 537.0 among infants aged <1 year), Hirschsprung disease (751.3), biliary atresia (751.61), or small intestinal atresia (751.1).
Others were malrotation of gut, duplication cyst, hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, Hirschsprung disease, meconium plug, and, in few cases, intussusception.
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In a previous study, our group presented gender analysis on children with Hirschsprung disease [10].
Hirschsprung Disease. Hirschsprung disease (HSCR) that occurs in approximately 1 in 5000 newborns is a common intestinal mobility disorder characterized by the absence of enteric ganglion cells in distal regions of the colon.
A case of TUBA1A mutation presenting with lissencephaly and Hirschsprung disease. Brain Dev.