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1 historic environment scotland requires specialist mount making services primarily, but not exclusively, for its historic collections held at properties in care throughout scotland.
He said: "The broch, which is the direct responsibility of the Scottish Government through its agency Historic Environment Scotland, is a major part of the tourist offering on Lewis.
He said: "The War Poets Scotland Committee are most grateful to Historic Environment Scotland for this plaque in memory of Mary Symon.
"At Historic Environment Scotland we are passionate about being able to provide experiences that allow locals and visitors to explore Scotland's rich heritage."
This outlines how the historic environment sector in Wales should address the challenge of climate change.
Susan O'Connor, director of the Scottish Civic Trust, said: "I'm looking forward to this year's nominations, which are sure to showcase the fantastic work being undertaken to support and promote our historic environment."
"It has to be acknowledged that the tower in particular would have a significant impact, and in some instances as set out in the report, this is harmful to the historic environment."
Adala Leeson, head of social and economic research at Historic England, said: "The West Midlands' historic environment provides jobs, attracts tourists and contributes to the construction sector and GVA.
Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure, Ken Skates, said: "We hope this new game will encourage families to appreciate and enjoy our historic environment in 2017 Visit Wales's Year of Legends."
"While our palaces, abbeys and castles are a key part of this, they are only a fraction of our diverse historic environment.
The group, made up of a forum of more than 20 organisations with a professional interest in the historic environment, suggested the potentially devastating effect of rapid climate change is being ignored.
* The North Yorkshire Historic Environment Record can be accessed online at www.heritagegateway.org.uk
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