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HTKHamburger Technische Kunstschule (German: Hamburg Technical Art School; est. 1987; Hamburg, Germany)
HTKHidden Markov Model Toolkit (speech recognition)
HTKHuman Thymidine Kinase (biology)
HTKHurricane the King (rapper)
HTKHit To Kill
HTKHard to Kill
HTKHome Theatre Kit
HTKHaving Three Kids (video blog)
HTKHermes Technischer Kundendienst (German: Hermes Technical Support)
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Although Hit to Kill is essentially a history book, it is far more readable than one might expect of that genre.
For anyone who wants both a clear understanding of how the nation's missile defense program has evolved over time and a solid foundation for understanding future developments in missile defense, Hit to Kill is a great place to start.
Clinton attributed congressional Republicans' support for missile defense to "theology," but Hit to Kill never examines other motivations, such as special interests--aerospace giants Boeing and Lockheed Martin don't appear until Congress starts writing checks.