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HITTHolland Institute of Traffic Technology (Apeldoorn, Netherlands)
HITTheparin-induced thrombocytopenia with thrombosis
HITTHealthy Iowans Tobacco Trust (state trust fund)
HITTOffice of Health Information Technology and Transparency (Georgia)
HITTHitachi Industrial Technology Thailand Ltd. (est. 1989)
HITTHawaii Institute of Information Technology
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A-SMGCS solution implemented at Cairo airport was provided by HITT in co-operation with ERA and went operational in 2011.
HITT Contracting said the acquisition of Trademark will strengthen its position in Texas and expand the firm's ability to service clients in key sectors such as corporate interiors, healthcare, technology and commercial base building construction.
The new 55 employee office will operate as Trademark HITT for the foreseeable future.
The imaging findings of HITT rely on the identification of a vascular filling defect that is in keeping with intraluminal clot and/or the imaging sequelae of end-organ thrombosis.
The A-SMGCS from HITT, an organisation recently acquired by Swedish defense and security company Saab, provides air traffic controllers at Vietnam's busiest airport with the location and identification of all aircraft on the airport's runways and taxiways for improved safety and efficiency.
The company said on Monday that the team, led by HITT, includes Wisnewski Blair & Associates for Architecture; KTA Group for Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering; Woods Peacock for Structural Engineering; Kimley-Horn and Associates for Civil Engineering; and Schmid & Associates for Fire Protection Engineering.
In addition to providing insight into the best way for a healthcare IT candidate or employer to approach topics such as sourcing, recruiting, interviews, resumes, and career development, the HITT SQUAD will cover content such as educational options, social media strategies, and available job opportunities.
60 per share (the "Offer") for all the issued and outstanding shares of HITT (the "Shares") pursuant to the Offer Document, and following the announcement by Saab dated 27 August 2012, whereby Saab announced that it had acquired 53 percent of the issued and outstanding share capital of HITT from majority shareholder Hitt Holding B.
HITT Contracting South Florida is part of HITT Contracting Inc.
According to Sb, HITT Traffic has developed and deployed the A3000 Advanced - Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS).
ST) today announced that it now controls 74% of the issued shares and 77% of the issued and outstanding shares and voting rights of HITT.
Saab fully committed to the HITT transaction after agreed acquisition of 53% shares in HITT from majority shareholder Hitt Holding.