HLARhigh level aminoglycoside resistant (microbiology)
HLARHome Loan Affordability Report (Real Estate Institute of Australia)
HLARHuman Leukocyte Common Antigen-Related Molecule
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The rate of enterococci with HLAR and the distribution of AMEs vary across countries.
This study was conducted to determine the rate of HLAR and the distribution of AME genes in enterococci isolated from patients with hospital acquired UTI at Mansoura University Hospitals in Egypt.
Testing for HLAR. Screening of HLGR with HLG 120 [micro]g disc and HLSR with HLS 300 [micro]g disc was done (as shown in Figure 2).
The American Heart Association adult infective endocarditis guidelines currently recommend a combination of ampicillin plus ceftriaxone for HLAR Enterococcus infections, as evidence of synergy with this combination continues to grow [1].
Though an array of AMEs is responsible for HLAR status among enterococcal species, we have demonstrated aac(6)Ie-aph(2n)-Ia and aph(3)-IIIa genes more frequently occurring genes than other genes.
The Hybrid Location-based Ad hoc Routing protocol (HLAR) [3] uses the Expected Transmission Count (ETX) [11] as a link quality estimator.
[3,17] Synergistic effect of aminoglycosides act as the best choice to eradicate Enterococcal infection, but the evolution of HLAR especially HLGR strains became more challenging in infection control.
The increasingly frequent occurrence of HLAR strains, caused by production of aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes (AMEs), makes standard therapy with aminoglycosides and plactams impossible.
Further, enterococci with high level aminoglycoside resistance (HLAR), [beta]-lactamase production and glycopeptide resistance including vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) have emerged posing a therapeutic challenge to physicians due to the ease of acquiring and transferring antimicrobial drug resistance (11).
Detection of high-level aminoglycoside resistance (HLAR) was performed by disc diffusion method using disc containing 120 [micro]g of gentamicin.
With the spread of strains showing HLAR (High Level Aminoglycoside Resistance), there is now rampant use of vancomycin in hospitals since it is the only available alternative for treatment.
The acquisition of High-Level Aminoglycoside Resistance (HLAR) and vancomycin resistance limits the therapeutic options available for treatment.