HLEHigh Level Event
HLEHertz Local Edition
HLEHealthy Life Expectancy
HLEHumane Law Enforcement (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and New York City Police Department)
HLEHoly Land Experience (Christian exhibit and museum; Orlando, FL)
HLEHome Learning Environment (early education)
HLEHigher Layer Entity (computing)
HLEHigh Level Estimate
HLEHalf-Life Elite (gaming, Half-Life modification)
HLEHouston Language Emulator
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But the ONS noted that similar HLE averages for different areas of the country could hide vastly different quality of life for residents.
The establishment of baseline information about HLE in nursing programs is an important first step in creating, implementing, and evaluating educational standards for HLE (Coleman & Appy, 2012) and an important step toward fulfillment of the call to educate future nurses about health literacy.
The neoflavonoid coutareagenin (COU), a constituent of HLE which in part is responsible for the blood glucose-lowering effect of HLE, also relaxed NA-induced contractions of aortic rings ([EC.
What these stories disguised however is that people's HLE is currently very reduced due to the discriminatory health policies that have been operative in England's NHS since 2000.
The lowest HLE was in Manchester for men at 55 years and Tower Hamlets for women at 54.
Correlation with clinical findings and history is essential to avoid misdiagnosing HLE as squamous neoplasia or other lichenoid interface dermatitides with pseudoepitheliomatous hyperplasia.
State-specific HLE estimates were calculated from three data sources: 1) 2007-2009 state-specific, individual-level multiple cause mortality data from NVSS; 2) 2007-2009 bridged-race, mid-year population estimates from the U.
Along with a measure of the amount of time parents spend reading to their children, we included measures of activities of the HLE that rely less on parental involvement and more on child initiative, such as the parents' reports of how often the child amuses herself alone with books, and how many books the child owns or borrows.
The HLE has a very tight turning radius with various options.
To this solution was added 30 [micro]L of 5 U/mL hLE (in the same buffer), and the solution was incubated at 37 [degrees]C to nick the hCG [9].
s hle W FORMER Corrie actress Helen Flanagan says she hasn't split from footballer Scott Sinclair, insisting: "truly love each other.