HLIMHierarchical Level Based Ip Multicasting
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francisci (Lutken, 1874) Hafra Hypostomus francisci (Lutken, 1874) Hfra Hypostomus lima (Lutken, 1874)* Hlim Hypostomus macrops (Eigenmann & Eigenmann, Hmac 1888)* Order Gymnotiformes Family Sternopygidae Eigenmannia microstoma (Reinhardt, 1852)* (DD) Emic Sternopygus macrurus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801) Smac Order Cyprinodontiformes Family Poeciliidae Subfamily Poeciliinae Pamphorichthys hollandi (Henn, 1916) Phol Order Synbranchiformes Family Synbranchidae Synbranchus cf.
An existence of a highly lossy interface mode (HLIM) in a designed plasmonic nanostructure for perfect absorption of the incident optical waves was reported in [4].
In this paper, with excitation of a novel highly lossy interface mode (HLIM) by coupling a single thin-metallic-layer (TML) to slit arrays in a two-dimensional metal-dielectric-metal (MDM) nanostructure, we propose a frequency selective plasmonic absorber with tunable and narrow bandwidth.
(9), since the HLIM is frequency-selectively occurring in photonic stopband of the slit arrays, the absorption peak can be tuned by changing the structure geometric parameters to influence the photonic stopband.
Increasing L or D will vary the photonic stopband to the lower frequency and correspondingly, the HLIM will be shiftted to the lower frequency.