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HMARHeat Mediated Antigen Retrieval
HMARHuman Muscle Aldose Reductase
HMARHazardous Material Authorization Request
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Next to be translated was the Gospel of Mark, into the Hmar dialect in 1920.
In the HMAR cohort, all measurements were conducted by a single examiner within the first 48 hr after delivery.
The nine outfits, Kuki Revolutionary Army, United Kukigram Defence Army, Hmar People's Convention (D), Kuki Liberation Army, Adivasi Cobra Military of Assam, Birsa Commando Force, Santhal Tiger Force, All Adivasi National Liberation Army and Adivasi People's Army had earlier declared a ceasefire.
According to Otuyemi and Noar (22), who evaluated the variability among the indexes DAI, OI, HMAR, there are a high level of reproducibility and correlation among them.
Goswami, Pranay Jyoti (2006), Commonalities and Peculiarities among the Barman and Hmar Women in the Barak Valley, In Ray, A.
Hmar Tlomte Sangliana, a Presbyterian member of the Indian parliament who was recently expelled from the BJP, told a press conference the government action aimed at punishing Christian institutions "smacks of communal hatred" and shows the BJP government's "lack of awareness of social issues.
MIZORAM IN THE TAUBANIZAHON PROCESS III Hmar net The Indigenous Hmar Tribals Information Network.
Now the Rev Hmar Sangkhuma is the first of what the Presbyterians say will be a number of Indian missionaries coming to Wales in a move they hope will see their chapels once again bulging at the seams - with worshippers rather than cut-price carpets.
Among those taking part in the centenary celebrations last year were a group from the Hmar tribe of Mizoram, who had abandoned headhunting after being visited in 1910 by Watkin Roberts, one of those converted in the revival.
At the close of the 19th century, the occupying forces of the British Empire cited the Hmar people of northeast India as "the worst headhunters".