HNICHockey Night In Canada
HNICHead Ninja in Charge
HNICHead Narcissist in Charge
HNICHead Negro in Charge (polite form)
HNICHead Nurse In Charge
HNICHead Nerd in Charge
HNICHead Nut In Charge
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The role of class, et hnic and racial antagonism in these processes deserved a bit more attention than Fogelson gives them.
The rest of The New HNIC mounts a convincing and entertaining case that hip hop matters.
For anyone wanting to understand the peculiarities of central European politics in an age of et hnic assertiveness, and thus the vital context for both National Socialism--a movement with origins in pine-war Bohemia--and the shaping of its eventual leader, this book is indispensable.
Despite the findings, the debate regarding ethnic identity and social mobility cannot be resolved without further examining the multi-dimensions of et hnic identity and how each influences economic outcomes.
Cornell and Hartmann 1998; Friedman 1994; Hall 1997) concerned with the contemporary formation of et hnic and racial identities and the processes by which new ethnic identities emerge or become more salient -- not less -- in a rapidly globalizing environment.
Feminist, et hnic, posteolonial, and cultural studies came to the rescue, saving deconstruction from its innate sterility, and enriching their own socio-political 'agenda'--yes, that's the word--with all kinds of subtle demystifications and demythifications.
He referred to himself in NAACP strategy sessions as the HNIC (head nigger in charge).
Rotten luck that they have appeared in the same week when a Channel 4 documentary produced evidence that most gang-rapes are carried out by et hnic minority groups, but peculiar all the same.