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HNO3Nitric Acid (chemistry)
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Add five drops of brome phenol blue indicator and then HNO3 (1 + 65) until the color exactly turns yellow, with a pH equal to 3.1.
As shown in Figure 6, La (III) mobility values were 93.9%, 94.0%, and 87.8% with HCl, H2SO4, and HNO3 as analytic agent, respectively, at 125 min.
To avoid any possible contamination, all the glassware were kept in 10 % nitric acid (HNO3) solution for overnight, rinsed with ultrapure water and air dried before use.
Desorption experiments indicate that the desorption efficiency with 0.1 M HNO3 solution reaches 78.95% and 86.77% in viable and non-viable biomass, respectively.
More interesting, the generated nonpolar groups (C-H bond stretching at 2922.95 [cm.sup.-1] and 2852.53 [cm.sup.-1]) at the MWCNT surface are clearly visible only after 8 h of functionalization in HNO3. Therefore in the following, only composites with tMWCNTs having received 8 h of functionalization in HN[O.sub.3] will be discussed in more detail.
Textile effluents sample were preserved for the analysis of heavy metals (Cd, Cr, Cu, Fe, N, Mn and Zn) by acidification with concentration HNO3 (1.5ml HNO3/l) of sample, and then stored at 5oC till analyzed.
In particular, concentrated acid solutions (nitric acid, HNO3; sulphuric acid, H2S04; hydrochloric acid, HC1; among others and their mixtures) produce functionalized sites (such as carboxylic, sulfuric, anhydride, ester, and hydroxyl etc), defects in hexagonal lattice, and open ends in the nanotubes.
The Council of the EU decided, on 5 December, not to oppose a decision by the European Commission to authorise the inclusion in the ETS of two new companies - the first company produces nitric acid (HNO3) and adipic acid (C6H10O4), while the second produces only nitric acid (1)
* 10% HNO3 solution is enough to dissolve all fluorapatite present in the sample whereas 20% HNO3 solution was enough to dissolve almost all carbonates.
Los cinco aislamientos bacterianos se cultivaron en forma masiva sobre placa de agar nutritivo (Oxoid), partiendo de un inoculo de 0,5 escala de Mcfarland, se incubaron por 48 horas a 37[grados]C; posteriormente, sobre la superficie del cultivo masivo se colocaron particulas de carbon esteril de 2,36 mm, tratadas y sin tratar con HNO3 al 10%, se incubaron por 8 dias mas a 30[grados]C y se determino la solubilizacion a las 24, 48 y 72 horas, midiendo el diametro de un halo de color marron formado alrededor de la particula de CBR, generado por la difusion de sustancias solubilizadas procedentes de la matriz del carbon; como control se colocaron particulas de CBR sobre una placa de agar nutritivo sin crecimiento bacteriano.
A study into the solubility and dissolution profile of caffeine in water, acetic acid/acetate buffer, HCl, HNO3 and NaOH solutions of various concentrations was conducted.
Prior to the analysis, the interface was polished with the diamond paste and finally etched in a nitric acid solution (5% HNO3 + 2% HCl + 93% methanol) for 2-4 s.