HO2Heme Oxygenase-2
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Ho2: There is no significant relationship between exchange rate and the stock market capitalization
Ho2: There are no major differences between the compliance practices of large and medium size companies in respect of Ho 1.
The above null hypothesis was tested as below: STATISTICS MALES FEMALES CALCULATED TABLE Z-VALUE VALUE NUMBER 3000 3000 MEAN 1.60 1.64 4.01 1.96 SD .35 .42 HO2 There will be no significant difference in the male and female responses as to the attitude of men towards advancement of women.
Ho2: The perceived level of stress among male and female, married and single lecturers, those living within and outside the campus and those working in federal and state universities will not be significantly different.
HO2: There will be no significant perceived differences in parenting of Nigerian university residential and non-residential teacher trainees on their alcohol and marijuana use.
Ho2. There is no relationship between students' equitable participation and students' equitable educational outcomes
* Ho2: There is no difference between perception towards alternative assessment of teachers in English subject across locality in tehsil Gujrat.
Ho2: There is no significant relationship between years of work experience and job performance of Cataloguers in Nigerian Libraries.
HO2: There is no significant relation between the "Business Risk" and "Dividend Payout Ratio".