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HoESHead of Environmental Services (government office; UK)
HoESHistory of Economics Society (est. 1974)
HoESHampton Oaks Elementary School (Stafford, VA)
HoESHawaii Ocean and Earth Sciences
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"Yes," said Holgrave, "I dig, and hoe, and weed, in this black old earth, for the sake of refreshing myself with what little nature and simplicity may be left in it, after men have so long sown and reaped here.
That last stroke of the hoe has cut off a beanstalk.
To keep the garden weeded and the soil surface loose enough to let rainwater seep in, you want a more delicate hoe. The hoes I have in mind have small, sharp blades that are parallel to the soil surface when you grip the handle in a comfortable, upright stance.
Set for 9-inch rows, the hoes opened furrows in the soil into which the seeds fell.
For example, in the paper by Friedrich-Karl Bruder, Covestro (former Bayer MaterialScience AG), mass-production of volume holographic optical effects (HOEs) in Bayfol[c] HX photopolymer in a roll-to-roll copying process was described.
Brush up on your hoes! Our in-depth guide to garden hoes from stirrups and circle hoes to swan-necks and the Warren hoe--will elevate your weeding efforts by helping you discover the right tool for each gardening task.
Former Chelsea player Leon Knight, 29, said that the model had trapped her husband O'Hara, 25, because he did not have a "sat nav hoe alert device."
Monaghan lived below the Hoe family, and on the evening of October 27, when they were watching TV, he appeared in the room claiming that their daughter was drunk in his flat.
The Valley Oak wheel hoe is much faster than a stirrup hoe and is designed to reduce back strain.
Barnyard Products.com's web site offers the home gardener, landscapers, and famers professional grade products including, garden hoes, field hoes, scuffle hoe, rakes, shovels, spades, floor scarpers, YardFork leaf rakes, gardening tools, Irri-Gator Drip Irrigation Systems, water hoses, irrigation timers and sprinklers.
A HOES Sauce originated from Heywood Farm, Greater Manchester, in the early 1900s.
I have another hoe that has removable working heads.