HoLEPHolmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate
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Aasem Masood Chauhdary, renowned Urologist from UK, practically demonstrated RIRS for renal stone and HoLEP for prostate disease for the first time in Punjab.
We report the first case of pseudoaneurysm with concomitant AVF occurring during HoLEP.
Both HoLEP and ThuVEP appear to be likely candidates for a new standard for the surgical treatments of BPH replacing the traditional TURP.
TURP ile etkinlik ve komplikasyonlar acisindan karsilastirilabilecek tek yontem HoLEP olarak gorUnmektedir (Kanit derecesi: 1a, Oneri derecesi: A).
The researchers point out that HoLEP is more effective at adequately treating all sizes of prostatic enlargement, whereas other laser techniques, such as Green Light Laser, is effective on small to moderate size prostates, similar but not better than TURP and lacks the same long-term durability.
And compared to HoLep, STEP requires only minimal handling of the urethra, reducing the risk of strictures, and is less likely to leave any prostatic core tissue that can re-grow and require re-treatment.
This has been addressed by the development of the current technique -- HoLEP combined with soft tissue morcellation (Fraundorfer & Gilling, 1997; Gilling et al.
Methods: Our HoLEP database was retrospectively reviewed, identifying 55 patients with preoperative urodynamic studies (UDS) who underwent HoLEP with or without bladder neck incision (BNI).
In addition, most patients in Group 3 underwent HoLEP, in which a new enucleation loop was used to help blunt the dissection of the adenoma, which could be a contributing factor.
HoLEP is considered a gold standard treatment for BPH and represents a successful, safe and durable treatment for this condition with a lower recurrence rate on long-term follow-up (1).