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HOMMHeroes of Might and Magic (computer game)
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However, given that Homm - after being shot by a hitman - is said to have stuffed the bullet wound with $100 bills before calling his wife and telling her to "Sell, sell, SELL
Please treat my money as if it were your own," Homm said in an e-mail to UCAP's president and CEO, Dan Moudy of Benton, and board member William McCord of Hot Springs on Nov.
Homm of Majorca, Spain, was one of three investors who now say they were duped into pouring more than $10 million into UCAP.
Bill McCord, CEO of United, comments, "With Joe McAdams' addition to the Board of this company, along with Florian Homm that was announced yesterday, we now have the capability to bring the vision for United into reality.
The new Board appointments replace that of previous Directors Florian Homm and Franklin Urteaga.
OTCBB: LAHA) today announced the appointment of Florian Homm, award-winning fund manager, entrepreneur, and capital markets expert to its Board of Directors.
Homm helmed the asset management and investment banking firm Value Management & Research AG, which he founded in 1993.
Other directors of Dynamic Associates include: Jan Wallace, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dynamic Associates; Logan Anderson, Treasurer and Secretary of Dynamic Associates; Herb Capozzi, Co-founder of PLC Systems; Billy Means, President of Dynamic's Genesis Health Management subsidiary; and Florian Homm, Managing Partner of Value Management and Research, based in Germany.
Based on TMTV's outstanding organic and acquisitive growth prospects, the shares will be a strong addition to the buoyant media and leisure sector in Germany," said Florian Homm, CEO of VMR AG.
We are pleased with the strong response the German and European banking community has had to the upcoming TEAM secondary listing in Germany," said VMR Managing Director and Chief Executive Florian Homm.
Homm is a Board Member of the European Association of Securities Dealers (EASD), on the board of a number of public companies, has received several investment awards and has published extensively on a wide range of financial topics.