HoRDHead of Regional Delegation (Red Cross)
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He murdered Mrs Willsher in revenge after her mother, Nicole Dinsdale, told police weeks earlier that Hord had attacked her.
It's Hord blamed Jodie, 30, for the breakdown of his relationship with her mum Nicole Dinsdale and decided to murder her in "revenge", a court was told.
He killed Jodie in revenge just before Christmas after her mother Nicole Dinsdale told police weeks earlier that Hord had attacked her.
Hord - said to be her mum's ex-boyfriend - spoke at yesterday's York hearing only to give his name and confirm his date of birth and address.
Hord, of Great Horton Road, Bradford, stood in the dock flanked by two security officers.
Hord, of Bradford, believed to be the ex-partner of his victim's mum, is accused of stabbing Mrs Willsher, 30, in Skipton, North Yorks, on Thursday, in Aldi where she worked.
electric utility market, and Hord Armstrong said buyers appear to be still hesitant to enter into long-term coal supply contracts.
Bringing together writings by prominent Black thinkers from Africa, the Caribbean, and North America, Fred Lee Hord and Jonathan Scott Lee made the case for a tradition of "relational humanism" distinct from the philosophical preoccupations of the West.
So at a meeting of the American Council on Education, Hord proposed creating a national network of Black culture centers, an idea that fellow directors embraced enthusiastically.
One element of the CBAM is the seven Stages of Concern (SoC), which can be used to assess different and evolving stages of concern that individuals go through as the change process occurs (Hall & Hord, 2006).
The Concerns-Based Adoption Model [CBAM] (Hall & Hord, 2006) (Figure 1) was chosen as the theoretical base of this study for three reasons: 1) it is based on 35 years of research focused on educational change, 2) it has been extended and tested in different settings, and 3) it is recognized as one of the strongest models for educational change (Hall & Hord; Anderson, 1997).