HoRDHead of Regional Delegation (Red Cross)
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Chad Hord showed the field that he can be fast right out of the box with his Frontier and knows how to get to the winner's circle and Art Schmitt also gave notice that he'll be a strong contender again in 2005.
JJ Rams, vice president of business development for Haselden commented "We're thrilled to again be partnering with CSU and Hord Coplan Macht, building on the collaboration and past success of the Scott Bioengineering Building.
So at a meeting of the American Council on Education, Hord proposed creating a national network of Black culture centers, an idea that fellow directors embraced enthusiastically.
One element of the CBAM is the seven Stages of Concern (SoC), which can be used to assess different and evolving stages of concern that individuals go through as the change process occurs (Hall & Hord, 2006).
Hord reports that, because of the Olofsson reputation, those applications were quickly expedited by a loyal customer base.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Mike Hord, station editor with presenter Roger Phillips, Tina Liu and Raquel Au.
The situation provides good job opportunities for NTMA students, school director Tony Hord said.
Over the years we averaged one to two dozen tours a year," said Ray Hord, vice president for development at the world headquarters in Washington, D.
more clearly into focus, as Hord pays tribute to family in his
The firm's name changed to Hendricks, Perkins & Hord when Samuel E.
Hord left his job as group president to take a position at US Shoe Footwear Group, only to rejoin Nine West as president and COO in 1995.
It's the way he looked at you," said Venita Hord in Forest Hill, a suburb of Fort Worth.