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HOHHard Of Hearing
HOHHead of Household
HOHHouse of Hades
HOHHeard on the Hill
HOHHdsl Overhead
HOHHead Over Heels
HOHHash Of Hashes (computer science)
HOHHouse of Heroes (Christian band)
HOHHarrington on Hold'em (poker book)
HOHHolmes on Homes (TV series)
HOHHand Over Hand
HOHHydrogen Hydroxide (Water)
HOHHalls of Honor (gaming)
HOHHarmonie of Hardcore (festival; Netherlands)
HOHHalf on Half (financial comparative of results for one half vs. same half previous year)
HOHHands on Heart (various locations)
HOHHeart of House (restaurants)
HOHHydrogen-Oxygen-Hydrogen (water)
HOHHooked on Hookah (Colorado Springs, CO)
HOHHome of Hockey (Manitoba Moose and Winnipeg Hockey slogan)
HOHHeroes of Hell (Counter Strike Source gaming clan)
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The "American Pie" star proved that she's a competition beast after she won the first HOH competition.
The Hoh Xil on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is an ideal habitat for the highly-endangered species.
Constructed in 1963, the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center is located about 31 miles south of Forks off U.
The FTB encourages taxpayers who receive a HOH letter to respond promptly by completing the enclosed questionnaire.
The efforts of HOH to get Canada to match the response of the US and UK has been stubbornly resisted by DUI) bureaucrats and some senior officers.
HOH, which is showcasing its range of projects at the Indian Property Show, offers affordable premium housing solutions to upscale luxury and signature residential destinations and commercial project for purely investment and self-use purposes.
The following is a brief review of the HOH filing status, focusing on the definition of qualifying person, which allows a person who might otherwise have to file as a single taxpayer to file using HOH status.
Hoh employed three Malaysian "gardeners" to tend the plants in his absence.
RINGLEADER Chin Shiang Hoh GARDENERS Yet Chai, An Chang and Keong Won tended the plants
Hoh, 37, presided over the release this week of ''A New Way Forward: Rethinking U.
Commenting on his departure, Ian Kelly, the White House spokesman, said that while Hoh was entitled to his views on the war, the US government would not change course.
But in a September 10 letter to the State Department s personnel chief, Hoh wrote: "I have lost understanding of and confidence in the strategic purposes of the United States presence in Afghanistan.